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For flights from Singapore to HCM, fares are around below 150 round trip.

I would recommend taking Bamboo Airways as they are a hybrid airline, for u have 20KG check in bags and inflight meals and depending on the plane, you might have inflight entertainment stream via your phone. The cost for Bamboo airways would be roughly around 160SGD and they have a frequent flyer program too.

For Vietjet air, I take them when coming back from HCM as their timing back is usually better they have a 1.50PM flight back compared to Bamboo air, which currently only have 2 timing, 7plus and 9plus depending on the day. But Vietjet is prone to delays and their carry on bag is very strict which is 7KG. I have seen them weighing the bags at the boarding gate. So take Vietjet if u are okay with delays and ur bags are within the limit.

For me, I would usually take Bamboo there and Vietjet back since I'm not in a rush and my bags are always under 7KG.

I will cover more on the scams and stuffs when arriving in HCM in future post.

Do let me know if there's any questions that you have.

Cheers! And have fun traveling  

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